Elysium (el-ee’-see-um) is referenced in both the bible and mythology; it is defined as sweet, blissful, and the dwelling place of happy souls. That perfectly describes the energy, atmosphere and experience we strive to provide and maintain at Elysium Cottage! The focus is to be of service to others, to enhance and ease the journey through life by providing the services, experience, and education to create their best life, all with the highest of integrity and ethics. (Yep, that’s a mouthful!) .

We offer a variety of options for the betterment of your mind, body and spirit. A sampling includes fun and informative classes on Understanding Energy, Anxiety, Empaths; Vision Boards and Manifestation; Guided Meditation; sessions for Reiki; Psychic and Card Readings; Mediumship; Past-Life Regression.

While much of the work may be considered in the spiritual nature, we respect the wide spectrum of religions, practices and beliefs (or lack thereof) of others and are appreciative of the mutual respect. Some are surprised to know our practitioners use words/thoughts/prayers to request guidance and set an altruistic intention that each client receives an experience only for their greatest good. In other words…we just want the best for everyone, free will remains, and kindness rocks!

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Legal Disclaimer: Please be advised, no services performed or information shared by owners and/or practitioners of Elysium Cottage LLC can be given absolute substantiation, and as such shall be considered for entertainment purposes only. No guarantees or assurances of any kind are implied or intended. How information is interpreted and used is at the client/individual’s personal discretion and sole responsibility. Readings are NOT a substitute for other professional services and consultations such as, but not limited to, legal, medical, and financial.